The Girl who Owned the World


girl-dancing-rainShe was just a girl

Who painted the sky

With stars and moonbeams

She found the strength to fly

She laughed and laughed

With the joy inside

She created rainbows

On the wind she’d ride

She met people

With a smile on her face

She skipped with rabbits

And challenged them to a race

To every friend

She gave a piece of her heart

N little by little

She saw them depart

Whimpering n crying

she asked in dismay

Why dont you stay

I gave you all I had

None turned To answer

her cry

Instead she gathered

The rocks from the sky

These will be my friends she said

These will be my home

With them I will stay

Doesn’t matter if im alone

With each departing friend

She built a house of stone

Where it didn’t matter

She was all alone

She was just

A haggard old crone

With a heart

Set In granite stone

She cried and cried

As the anger raged inside

She couldn’t decide

How long she could hide

As the walls start

To crumble and fall

She stumbled to the mirror

Set against the wall

One last time

she saw the girl

who was happy

who once owned the world


Underneath it all..



Dont look away
And say you care
Look me in the eye
Say it now, i dare!

keep building these walls
For someone to feel
Im locking myself inside
These wounds they wont heal

Instead of climbing over
They shout from the top
Hey u know i got a thing!
so im sorry i cant stop!

Sliding slowly
down the wall
I sit with my head up
No the tears wont fall

When no one will break them
They will lock me in the dark
Slowly smother me
Igniting ablaze the spark

One day il let the tears fall
One day il remove this wall
One day it will make sense
N il find happiness underneath it all