Requiem for a Love Story


I didnt love him like juliet loved romeo

It wasnt love that couldve died

I didnt run after him like girls today I

f it wasnt meant to be, i wouldntve cried


He didnt lavish me with gifts

Or promises he wouldnt keep

He didnt take me for fancy dinners

Or crept in to watch me sleep


I didnt threaten suicide

When wed fight

I never cried

It was never right


Instead i drowned myself

In the very depths of his soul

I merged the broken pieces of me

With him i became whole


He fused himself

To the torn edges of me

He started his stories

With not an I but a “we”


I retraced our footsteps

Along the shores of regret

They seem to have faded

Did we finally forget?


Corpses of dreams

Floated to the side

I kicked them aside

I begged them to hide


Like diamonds from coal

They finally emerged

Dragging our broken souls

In the light we submerged


Took us years

We finally came through

We came out whole

We came out new


The Treasures (and Horrors) of the Cluttered Desk!



“We’re going out for dinner in an hour. Come to my office and wait till we leave”

Being a crazy stationary lover, I was in heaven when one fine evening I got the chance to visit my sister’s office after hours. She was busy and had some work to do, so I was free to roam around the empty office. There were desks everywhere!

Each having its own beautiful stationary treasure trove

I wanted it all.

“I’m going to look around and see If I can steal something” I told my sister, who decided to ignored me.

As I walked around I noticed a small plastic hand on each desk I passed. I picked one up and pulled at one of its colorful fingers. It popped out

It was a teeny tiny pretty little highlighter! I was completely bowled over!

a small highlighter! I must have it!

I squealed and looked at my sister, who rolled her eyes and continued to work. I tried to sneak it into my bag but my sister wasn’t having any of it. She distracted me with a big bag obviously filled with sponsor goodies (my sister works in corporate communications)

I grabbed it and sat down to rummage inside.


Only one item of stationary which I gave a once over and announced it useless. I had no use for writing pads thank you very much.

From my spot on the floor I spotted a pile of t-shirts under my sisters desk.


I started pawing through it, looking for a large size which I could wear around the house. I found one and squirreled it away.

Then I noticed a black color collection bag.

Hello there. What’s this?

I excitedly pulled it towards me and then recoiled in horror

“Oh yea. That. Take that home” my sister said nonchalantly

What I unearthed from under the pile of t-shirts, lying there since God knows when, was a once plastic, now sticky black and brown lunch box.

I looked at my sister who was sheepishly smiling

“What the hell was in this? Chocolate cake?” I asked

“Uh no. a sandwich”

I gagged a little and kicked it away.

Then I noticed a drawer that was sticking halfway open. I tried to close it and it wouldn’t budge. I pulled it out and from the very back, unearthed a few packets of sweets which were a year past their expiry date.

What the hell?!

“Will you leave my desk alone?” My sister snapped at me, now very annoyed.

I was still hyperventilating.

I pulled open another drawer that was filled to the brim with paper

And then I noticed…

Ooo look teeny tiny envelopes!! And they are GREEN!

I was gleefully celebrating my newest find..

Till a cockroach ran over my hand…


I’ve found the perfect place to talk about feelings


First stand in a room that is empty

Second stare into a blank wall

Third say everything you need to say

until you can no longer hear at all


Until your words are drowned

with the sounds of your sobs

But it’s okay because no ones around,

no one will see u fall


My door is only closed

because if you try

to open it,

u will see a wall


Wasn’t what you expected?

Maybe I’m not what you expected

This grand idea of the perfect girl only exists in the mind

Mind you Im no one you will find


How can I explain to you

I see happiness in everyone’s future but mine

Yes, I am a fortune teller and if I tell you who I am

I won’t be the fortune you thought you were lucky to find


The thought of explaining to you who I am cripples me

Knots so damn tight, you wont know how to break free

But let’s do it anyway:

I don’t open up because it will give me away


So will crying

It is giving the enemy ammunition to hurt you

It is mounting your problems on someone

so your own seem so few


But I believe there is no love without pain

And painfully I admit that Its all in vain

I don’t show it because confidence is key

Confidence doesn’t lead to others pitying me


That is undermining and not who I want to be

Then the worst part

seems to be

that I don’t know who I want to be


Yet I have these random

brief moments of happiness,

of hope, of life

that leave as quickly as they came


So far the only goal I have

is to make those brief moments count

hours and days are not my price

Maybe just one day could suffice

Before i die


Bury me bury me

In soft regrets tonight

In the recess of my memory

I feel you try to fight


Fight for me will you

Its too late for love

Bury me will you

In your secret trove


Bleeding my wounds

I relish the pain

I remember all i lost

N none i gained


Call me will you

Tell me u hate me

Drive the stake in

Finally set me free


Hate me will you

Do what i say

You cant love me, no cant stay


Kill me will you

Torture me tonight

So,Before i die

I will see the light

Move on…


These violent feelings

Have violent ends

In this madness called love

We’re bound to break and bend


None is the winner

In this so called battle

No one who will wipe the tears

Or hear the desperate prattle


In the end

 it will all be

The shell of what was

Not “us” or “we”


I will not scream your name

Or sit with you and watch the flames

I will not sit and cry

Wish every moment that I would die


You will not stare off into space

Gasp for air, as if running in a race

You will not smoke away your pain

You will not wonder if it was all in vain


You will decide love is not for you

Steal away any chance for you to be blue

You will decide this can’t be done

Its finally over, you had your fun


I will say its not for you

Love, feelings, none of it is true

Move on, get a clue

Move on, its nothing new



Hissing spitting

Gliding on broken glass

It coiled its body

Dragging its dead mass


Scorching heat

Like a shadow under the sun

Sweat n blood aflame

Senses start to slowly succumb


Glancing back,

 she softly cried

the trail of flowers she left

had slowly died


sliding forward like a dark cloud

snapping in her wake

dark n ugly

came the burning smoldering snake


hackles rose

in dark silent agony

desperately she clung on

to her fleeting departing sanity


“go away” she sobbed

“no I don’t want you here

don’t you see I want to love?

Don’t you see I want to care?”


It slid on closer

Burning away the light

As night fell

Further rose her plight


It is now it seems

As the sun n moon shone

The devil followed her day n night

Cuz he was afraid to be alone








For as long 
As I can remember 
To you I belong

To you I surrender

N’ every time I’d turn 
You would walk away 
Yes heartbreak does burn 
But didn’t make me sway

I walked the road 
We danced on for miles 
you once owned 
Every one of my smiles

‘Nd in your arms 
I found me 
Nd in your eyes 
I would happily flee

Maybe i dreamt you 
Like each of my strifes
Meant to destroy me
N bring me to life

N when you come to me 
you save me again 
With every whispered touch 
you set me aflame

When I’m with you 
I am whole 
You stole me from me 
You stole my very soul

You might run my dear 
But if only you knew 
Without you there’s no me 
Without me..there’s no you…