Shhh silently

on whispering toes

stalk quietly
neither friend nor foe

watch her in the dark
sobbing in her bed
disturbing your sleep
oh don’t you wish her dead?

your tail you twitch
in annoyed disdain
try to get comfortable
away from her pain

“Oh kitty, you love me!”
helpless hands clutch at you
ears pressed down
to you, its all new

Her emotions cascade
over n above
her pain pokes holes
in your rocky treasure trove

Silently you wait
for her to realize
her stronghold on you
breath! before your demise

Sniff and you can see inside
the scattered gems
the cracked rubies
from what love once stemmed

Careful kitty
tip toe softly
over the jagged edge
of her broken heart

the slightest cruelty
neither hiss nor purr
will tear it
further apart