Don’t Come Back!



Once more dear heart

You betray me cruelly

Once again my love

You left n away you flee

Covering the hole

You left inside me

I gather my soul

N laugh with glee

I staple it shut

With regret and tears

Gazing at the empty horizon

I bury my deepest fears

In the wake of your betrayal

I smell the relief

In the aftermath of your destruction

I shove away the hurt n disbelief

I giggle and cry

Slam shut the door

Hit the road, jack

And don’t back no more





Ruby red splatters

Adorn the walls

Screams echo

Up n down the desolate halls


Lying still with his blood

Coursing through her veins

Listening for his death rattle

His life swirled down the drain


Wiping her fangs

With the edge of her tongue

She stared into his eyes

N high up where he hung


Scarlet drops clung

To the tears in his face

How did I get here?

What is this place?


She blinked in the sight

Of her drenched n bloodied room

She swallowed the copper taste

Of fear n her irreparable doom


Howling loudly at the sky

She thought of all the tears inside

The rips the slashes that helped her die

The granite inside that forbade her to cry


Clenching her fists with fury unbound

She turned to lick at the open wound

With hatred n loathing she sewed it close

N shook herself from this self pity doze


Crouched n sprang deep into the night

Muscles bunched rearing to fight

In every man she will seek his sight

N in every slaughter she will laugh with delight.

walking in circles..


Sometimes I feel…and those times have started to increase in intensity…. That I’m walking down a dark corridor….

Its pitch dark and I don’t know where I’m going

I walk on, because stopping in one place too long means dying of suffocation

The walls feel like they’re closing in on me, and I continue to walk, occasionally feeling a door along the wall…sometimes I even stop to check if it’s open. And more often than not, it’s locked.

I hear laughter from the other side and I’m sorely tempted to join in. to sit with people and laugh my worries away, to not worry about what other people will think of my actions. To be impulsive for once and not look to others for approval

But shrugging that off, I walk, and sometimes I find an unlocked door.

People greet me and welcome me, and I’m delighted and I sit with them. And sometimes I laugh, I talk my heart out, I share my sorrows and weep with them over their own.

I gush over their achievements and modestly wave away my own.

But I always, somehow, overstay my welcome

And the people behind the door start to drift away

I sit and watch them leave

With every person walking away, my attempts to get their attention become more feeble. I give up, and I stumble back out into the corridor

Walking away, I look back at the door as it clicks shut behind me

Maybe next time, I won’t overstay my welcome

Maybe next time, I’ll make it till dessert

“Next time?” You ask

Well yes

I’m walking in circles aren’t I?




My once faithful mirror
Full of sunshine and bliss
Plunged me into the darkness
Smoke, ash and mist
I lost my way
Amongst the cloud
The darkness swallowed
My once faithful shroud
Threw my hopes
Into the hungry fire
nothing left to mourn
they all call me a liar
time is not my friend
it will not heal me
and not be there till the end
let it break and let it fall
with my broken memories
erase it all.
Most faithful mirror
a thousand shards of glass
Insufferable, absurd and brass
Reflections once broken remain
Memories distorted
look back just the same




Once I was a white dove
Way up high
Away i go
Away i fly

Olive branch glistening green
Swaying with the wind
Peacefully serene

Chaos,destruction, join n construct
Peace n quiet
Turn to dust

Storms raging in placid seas
The tears poured down
I fall to my knees

Pushing back fires of loathng n contempt
I see the lying laughter
I see the spying serpant

I cower down , confused
Wiping away the blood
Of my sick dying muse

I await you ivory knight, on this day
You will be, of what the birds sang
You will be, the yin to my yang. .