Soul for Sale



She set up shop

On the crossroad of regret

Near the corner of memories

In the fading sunset

“Soul for sale” it read

Pure angst it bled

Crying from the box

Came laughter long gone dead

“No takers?” thought she

Il throw in

A ruptured heart

For free

Sniggering tumbleweeds

ran by

The moon scorned her

From the sky

“aint no takers” said he

“never were never will be

Fool you are, don’t you see

Giving your heart away for free”

From the box, the heart cried

“No not yet, I have not died

I may have, along the way

But without the soul , you cant give me away”

Closing the box, she kicked it away

Sold her soul to who came her way

Along went her body, in the chasm of lust

Dying slowly, the heart turned to dust


Her Wish



In the bleeding shroud
Of my secret love
I pinprick the stars
To fall from up above

Gather them in your fists
Throw them out
Start again, you evil witch
With every dead star falling , I shout

Pick up every useless one
Stare at them forever just for fun
See them sneer at your face
Watch your pitiful fall from disgrace

You see me as I see you
No one will see what iv been through
You see darkness, smoke and fire
Your see an ugly, despicable liar

You see not the dark that covers the scars
You see not the despair that seeks the stars
You see not the tears forming the rivers
You see not the fear with which I quiver

You see not the eyes that roam the street
You see not the heart that skips a beat
With every footstep that comes near
I follow the progress with loneliness n fear

With every fallen star I throw away
In his direction I mewl n pray
Let him follow the dead stars dear God
Lead him, guide him, bring him my way.