Underneath it all..



Dont look away
And say you care
Look me in the eye
Say it now, i dare!

keep building these walls
For someone to feel
Im locking myself inside
These wounds they wont heal

Instead of climbing over
They shout from the top
Hey u know i got a thing!
so im sorry i cant stop!

Sliding slowly
down the wall
I sit with my head up
No the tears wont fall

When no one will break them
They will lock me in the dark
Slowly smother me
Igniting ablaze the spark

One day il let the tears fall
One day il remove this wall
One day it will make sense
N il find happiness underneath it all


Your reflection



Ever woke up, and had the uncomfortable feeling of being alien to your own skin?

Hated yourself and everything about you from head to toe?

“UGH! my hair sticks out wrong!”

“Why the hell do I have a bald patch?!”

“is that a nose?!”

“where did all this meat come from?! No more eating!”

“why do my arms jiggle when I brush my teeth?!”

Complain complain, whine whine

Etcetera etcetera

You will always be your own best friend and your own worst enemy. One tends to judge himself too harshly and favor himself too vehemently, because who will be a better judge than you yourself?

But always remember, to step back, and appreciate the things that you do have; A fully functional body, a sound mind, a beautiful smile, and above all, a sound and happy soul. Even if it is imperfect at times, it is yours

Thus it is up to you how you mould the reflection in the mirror.