Underneath it all..



Dont look away
And say you care
Look me in the eye
Say it now, i dare!

keep building these walls
For someone to feel
Im locking myself inside
These wounds they wont heal

Instead of climbing over
They shout from the top
Hey u know i got a thing!
so im sorry i cant stop!

Sliding slowly
down the wall
I sit with my head up
No the tears wont fall

When no one will break them
They will lock me in the dark
Slowly smother me
Igniting ablaze the spark

One day il let the tears fall
One day il remove this wall
One day it will make sense
N il find happiness underneath it all


The Martyr


stock-photo-the-burning-woman-head-profile-94516309His voice was liquid fire,
Burning, searing, scalding hot
His touch was silver, pure ice
With wintery Chills n thrills, I suffice

His eyes were luscious, shiny n brown
Staring in them, I happily drown
His laugh was the dangerous rumble of thunder
N id lose myself in all his splendor

His words cut deep, sliced me like a blade
Drawing back, I continued with my serenade
I watched his contempt like burning rocks from the sky
I watched them bury my dreams, and slowly I die

I rose to his voice, burning me awake
I followed his breath, mere smoke in his wake
I watched him beckon, promising forever
I fought with myself, urging me to scream “never!”

I saw him as I did, glowing bright n luminous
In all his glory, in all his ruthlessness
Drawn to him like a moth to fire
I smile happily, ready to be a martyr

Hell Hath No Fury



You need not worry

Of my existence, my king

Worry for your throne

For which I sing


You took my heart

Replaced it with your own

N ever since then

Within me you shone


You left n came back

Threw me against the wall

Pushed me away

Watched my painful fall


You surveyed me with indifference

As I sang to your tunes

My burning feet emitted

As I danced amongst the fumes


I clipped my wings

To allow you to fly

I smiled as I cried

As I watched you take to the sky


I burned myself alive

Only to be reborn dead

I watched you with other queens

Within my aching heart, I saw red


I patiently waited

By your side

Eventually you will look for me

Then I will hide


Silent n sad

I sit in my cage

I sharpen my knives

With bitterness n rage


When you turn to me

My king, be warned

Hell hath no fury

Like a woman scorned

You and I



His delicious musk

Destroyed resolves

Hesitance turned to dust

Overpowered by emotion

Heart pounded frantic

Evoked heat of sensation

Bodies respond

React before the heart

Accepts the waves of passion

Fires of lust burn bright

Everlasting in the moonlight

Flesh n sweat

Fragrance rise

In hates demise

You n I rise

Souls entwine

In essence together

Hard to define

“Give yourself to me..”

Sensations plead

Bow down

“I surrender to thee”

Whispers frantic

Passionate, sublime

“I am yours

Forever be mine”

Stars beckon

Across the sky

Heavens open

The clouds cry

The world vanishes

N it’s just you and I.

Come to me



Hello is somethng missing?
Maybe you are
When your absence screams from my seams
I miss thee
Come to me
N we will live forever
Come to me
N we will paint dreams in the sky
Come to me
N on this night we will fly
Come to me
N we will love till we bleed
Come to me
On lust we will feed
Come to me
N we will live
under one skin
Where no one wins
N drain the blood of the other
’till we die n smother
Come to me
N waste away
‘Till we’r nothing but cries
of pleasure n dismay.

To him I surrendered



Waging a war

Against my insides

I close my eyes

Against my fire

I heard him chuckle

A filthy sound

Filling my insides with lust

Threatening my chastity crown

“I miss you so much”

He whispered, seduction

Sending shivers of want

Deep down my spine

Using my smile as a weapon

Against my own demons

I turned my back

Willing him away

“My princess” he hissed

Making me bite

My bottom lip

Into a bloodied mess

Clenching my teeth

My insides

Twisted in a knot

Wrapped around my feet

“Don’t you miss me?” he pleaded

I sighed, closed my eyes

And turned

To face my defeat

The brain, always smarter

Begs me to stop

The heart, always selfish

Told me to not

“Look at me” he whispered

Now the box was open

He beckoned, as I opened my eyes

To him, I surrendered.

In my Skin


They say writing is a form of therapy. Helps keep the depression at bay, allows you to look at your problems from a different perspective, allows you to say things out loud because that’s the best way to face them.

Then they also say writing a “blog” is like group therapy. You put your heart out on display, your emotions and feelings radiating in every word, every post, and you wait for someone, anyone, to come and acknowledge your pain, celebrate your happiness, discuss your worries and above all, know how it feels to be “you”, how difficult and amazing, how painful and deliciously absurd it is to be YOU.

I say “they” are pretty damn smart. And I also say…I will give “their” advice a shot. I have found, that even in the best of circumstance, my own voice fails me and my own heart abandons me. Writing keeps that in check, and writing poetry, keeps it at peace.

So here I am. Baring my soul in the only way I can do so best; in the light, complacent tones of my prose, and darkly twisted verses of my poetry.

Here we go..