Requiem for a Love Story


I didnt love him like juliet loved romeo

It wasnt love that couldve died

I didnt run after him like girls today I

f it wasnt meant to be, i wouldntve cried


He didnt lavish me with gifts

Or promises he wouldnt keep

He didnt take me for fancy dinners

Or crept in to watch me sleep


I didnt threaten suicide

When wed fight

I never cried

It was never right


Instead i drowned myself

In the very depths of his soul

I merged the broken pieces of me

With him i became whole


He fused himself

To the torn edges of me

He started his stories

With not an I but a “we”


I retraced our footsteps

Along the shores of regret

They seem to have faded

Did we finally forget?


Corpses of dreams

Floated to the side

I kicked them aside

I begged them to hide


Like diamonds from coal

They finally emerged

Dragging our broken souls

In the light we submerged


Took us years

We finally came through

We came out whole

We came out new


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