The Treasures (and Horrors) of the Cluttered Desk!



“We’re going out for dinner in an hour. Come to my office and wait till we leave”

Being a crazy stationary lover, I was in heaven when one fine evening I got the chance to visit my sister’s office after hours. She was busy and had some work to do, so I was free to roam around the empty office. There were desks everywhere!

Each having its own beautiful stationary treasure trove

I wanted it all.

“I’m going to look around and see If I can steal something” I told my sister, who decided to ignored me.

As I walked around I noticed a small plastic hand on each desk I passed. I picked one up and pulled at one of its colorful fingers. It popped out

It was a teeny tiny pretty little highlighter! I was completely bowled over!

a small highlighter! I must have it!

I squealed and looked at my sister, who rolled her eyes and continued to work. I tried to sneak it into my bag but my sister wasn’t having any of it. She distracted me with a big bag obviously filled with sponsor goodies (my sister works in corporate communications)

I grabbed it and sat down to rummage inside.


Only one item of stationary which I gave a once over and announced it useless. I had no use for writing pads thank you very much.

From my spot on the floor I spotted a pile of t-shirts under my sisters desk.


I started pawing through it, looking for a large size which I could wear around the house. I found one and squirreled it away.

Then I noticed a black color collection bag.

Hello there. What’s this?

I excitedly pulled it towards me and then recoiled in horror

“Oh yea. That. Take that home” my sister said nonchalantly

What I unearthed from under the pile of t-shirts, lying there since God knows when, was a once plastic, now sticky black and brown lunch box.

I looked at my sister who was sheepishly smiling

“What the hell was in this? Chocolate cake?” I asked

“Uh no. a sandwich”

I gagged a little and kicked it away.

Then I noticed a drawer that was sticking halfway open. I tried to close it and it wouldn’t budge. I pulled it out and from the very back, unearthed a few packets of sweets which were a year past their expiry date.

What the hell?!

“Will you leave my desk alone?” My sister snapped at me, now very annoyed.

I was still hyperventilating.

I pulled open another drawer that was filled to the brim with paper

And then I noticed…

Ooo look teeny tiny envelopes!! And they are GREEN!

I was gleefully celebrating my newest find..

Till a cockroach ran over my hand…



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