Backwards & Forwards


He smiled at you and offered you the rose. What is that for? You asked. For whatever I did wrong he answered. He stopped you from falling,, scolded you for being so clumsy. Why must you wear those shoes? He asked. He had stopped you from breaking your face on the table. Because they look good! You said, prancing around in your new shoes. You always do he said. He pulled you into his arms and showed the world he loved you. This is how you get pictures taken you said, embarrassing him but making him happy. I will always be your rock, he said. Then stop hurting me you cried.

Heart pounding frantically, you called him to tell him its over. I guess you are right, he said. How he didn’t hear your heart break was beyond you. Yes it was over but it didn’t have to be. I missed you! you said, months later. You didn’t want to let go. Hold on to me, he said, spinning you around and around on the merry go-round

But you are confusing that with what was. You sat alone while the wind made its feeble attempts to push you on. Where are you? You called out to him. I cant do this anymore, he said. I cant push you my arms are tired, I am weak he said. But its just a swing, you mumbled, kicking at a weed in the ground. I am weak he repeated and walked away.

Three days later you returned to the merry go-round and you saw him. Thinner, weaker, miserable, but it was him. He looked around for someone to sit on the see-saw with. You walked up to him. Hi he said shyly. Will you play with me? He asked, pointing to the see-saw.

Why not the merry go-round? You asked

He frowned

 because i only want to play with you, he said.


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