I’ve found the perfect place to talk about feelings


First stand in a room that is empty

Second stare into a blank wall

Third say everything you need to say

until you can no longer hear at all


Until your words are drowned

with the sounds of your sobs

But it’s okay because no ones around,

no one will see u fall


My door is only closed

because if you try

to open it,

u will see a wall


Wasn’t what you expected?

Maybe I’m not what you expected

This grand idea of the perfect girl only exists in the mind

Mind you Im no one you will find


How can I explain to you

I see happiness in everyone’s future but mine

Yes, I am a fortune teller and if I tell you who I am

I won’t be the fortune you thought you were lucky to find


The thought of explaining to you who I am cripples me

Knots so damn tight, you wont know how to break free

But let’s do it anyway:

I don’t open up because it will give me away


So will crying

It is giving the enemy ammunition to hurt you

It is mounting your problems on someone

so your own seem so few


But I believe there is no love without pain

And painfully I admit that Its all in vain

I don’t show it because confidence is key

Confidence doesn’t lead to others pitying me


That is undermining and not who I want to be

Then the worst part

seems to be

that I don’t know who I want to be


Yet I have these random

brief moments of happiness,

of hope, of life

that leave as quickly as they came


So far the only goal I have

is to make those brief moments count

hours and days are not my price

Maybe just one day could suffice


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