Move on…


These violent feelings

Have violent ends

In this madness called love

We’re bound to break and bend


None is the winner

In this so called battle

No one who will wipe the tears

Or hear the desperate prattle


In the end

 it will all be

The shell of what was

Not “us” or “we”


I will not scream your name

Or sit with you and watch the flames

I will not sit and cry

Wish every moment that I would die


You will not stare off into space

Gasp for air, as if running in a race

You will not smoke away your pain

You will not wonder if it was all in vain


You will decide love is not for you

Steal away any chance for you to be blue

You will decide this can’t be done

Its finally over, you had your fun


I will say its not for you

Love, feelings, none of it is true

Move on, get a clue

Move on, its nothing new


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