Hissing spitting

Gliding on broken glass

It coiled its body

Dragging its dead mass


Scorching heat

Like a shadow under the sun

Sweat n blood aflame

Senses start to slowly succumb


Glancing back,

 she softly cried

the trail of flowers she left

had slowly died


sliding forward like a dark cloud

snapping in her wake

dark n ugly

came the burning smoldering snake


hackles rose

in dark silent agony

desperately she clung on

to her fleeting departing sanity


“go away” she sobbed

“no I don’t want you here

don’t you see I want to love?

Don’t you see I want to care?”


It slid on closer

Burning away the light

As night fell

Further rose her plight


It is now it seems

As the sun n moon shone

The devil followed her day n night

Cuz he was afraid to be alone





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