Ruby red splatters

Adorn the walls

Screams echo

Up n down the desolate halls


Lying still with his blood

Coursing through her veins

Listening for his death rattle

His life swirled down the drain


Wiping her fangs

With the edge of her tongue

She stared into his eyes

N high up where he hung


Scarlet drops clung

To the tears in his face

How did I get here?

What is this place?


She blinked in the sight

Of her drenched n bloodied room

She swallowed the copper taste

Of fear n her irreparable doom


Howling loudly at the sky

She thought of all the tears inside

The rips the slashes that helped her die

The granite inside that forbade her to cry


Clenching her fists with fury unbound

She turned to lick at the open wound

With hatred n loathing she sewed it close

N shook herself from this self pity doze


Crouched n sprang deep into the night

Muscles bunched rearing to fight

In every man she will seek his sight

N in every slaughter she will laugh with delight.


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