To him I surrendered



Waging a war

Against my insides

I close my eyes

Against my fire

I heard him chuckle

A filthy sound

Filling my insides with lust

Threatening my chastity crown

“I miss you so much”

He whispered, seduction

Sending shivers of want

Deep down my spine

Using my smile as a weapon

Against my own demons

I turned my back

Willing him away

“My princess” he hissed

Making me bite

My bottom lip

Into a bloodied mess

Clenching my teeth

My insides

Twisted in a knot

Wrapped around my feet

“Don’t you miss me?” he pleaded

I sighed, closed my eyes

And turned

To face my defeat

The brain, always smarter

Begs me to stop

The heart, always selfish

Told me to not

“Look at me” he whispered

Now the box was open

He beckoned, as I opened my eyes

To him, I surrendered.


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