Fractured Heart



Rays of hope hit my face

As I smile
Ecstasy flooding my body
Safe in your embrace

Your heart beating
Loyal, against mine
How I feel at this moment
It’s hard to define

While I croon n caress
your beautiful soul
I know there’s no going back
My heart, you stole

I lose myself in your eyes
In the depth of your embrace
I struggle to hold on
Before my head broke the surface

Slowly I return
As my euphoria dies
No one to hear the shatter
As my heart cries

Sobbing, I pick up the pieces
Cutting myself with the crevices
Saving each one
Its gone, its done

Prisms of light shine
Through tears that dry
For him I bleed
With every beat I cry

My fractured heart I mend
With staples of dismay
With every hole punched through
I will him to stay

Picking up what died
I stumbled away
I looked back at what could’ve been
Beautiful, had been there a way



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