Rage demons go away
Come back another day
Don’t come now, i’m in no mood
Don’t feed on me, i’m not your food

Walk slowly
head down
Tasting my tears
Hiding my frown

At the mouth of the cave
I sit n watch
People laughing
While i sit, distraught

Sharp pain shoots up
my heart , i cry
Closing my eyes
I pray for it to die

Green eyed monster
Clawing me inside
Red mist descended
Come on, open wide

Spoonful of hatred
Even the demons disgusted
Why cant i be free?
Why cant i be trusted?

In the distance i see
you beckoning to me
My heart skipping a beat
I scramble to my feet

Running forward i cry
Throwing caution to the sky
I laugh n smile my way to you
Praying its not too good to be true

An then i stumble n fall
Crashing down, i break like a doll
Looking down, my heart screams in pain
For my ankle thats bound with a chain


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