In my Skin


They say writing is a form of therapy. Helps keep the depression at bay, allows you to look at your problems from a different perspective, allows you to say things out loud because that’s the best way to face them.

Then they also say writing a “blog” is like group therapy. You put your heart out on display, your emotions and feelings radiating in every word, every post, and you wait for someone, anyone, to come and acknowledge your pain, celebrate your happiness, discuss your worries and above all, know how it feels to be “you”, how difficult and amazing, how painful and deliciously absurd it is to be YOU.

I say “they” are pretty damn smart. And I also say…I will give “their” advice a shot. I have found, that even in the best of circumstance, my own voice fails me and my own heart abandons me. Writing keeps that in check, and writing poetry, keeps it at peace.

So here I am. Baring my soul in the only way I can do so best; in the light, complacent tones of my prose, and darkly twisted verses of my poetry.

Here we go..


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